secure storage in the cloud

I know, I know. It’s all about the cloud.

Yeah, yeah. Everybody uses Dropbox. I do but only for some things, not everything. I love the ability to roll things back. This feature has saved my butt on many an occasion.

When I want something locked up tight I use Wuala from LaCie. Swiss technology bought by the French with server farms in Switzerland, France, and German. Sounds good already.

I like the idea that Wuala encrypts things on my machine before uploading. Everything that passes through the ethers is protected by "256 bit AES, 2048 bit RSA and SHA-256 algorithms for encryption, signatures and integrity checks", to blatantly quote their website.

Alice and Bob click here and they each get 6GB of free storage instead of the usual 5GB. One or both designate a portion of their local hard drive as a backup folder that gets mirrored automatically to Wuala’s cloud. They share this volume as friends. Now Alice and Bob have a free shared encrypted cloud. Cool.

Simpler yet, Alice installs Wuala on two or more of her machines. Now the files on each machine are synched automatically using an secure, encrypted channel. Push data from a remote box back to the mothership. Webcam, weather station, anything that writes out a file. Here’s a tutorial on synching files.

Wuala supports groups including private groups.

I began using Wuala when it was still a Swiss company and you could trade local storage on your machine(s) for upgrades to your cloud storage. I ran Wuala on my webcam box and the laptop that streamed Netflex. When that feature was discontinued they were gracious enough to freeze levels where they were.

Wuala straddles computers, phones, and web seamlessly and elegantly. Reputation is everything and let’s all hope Wuala lives up to its Swiss roots.

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