the 728 club

ben, clyde, mark, & jerry
a buncha old nerds with hacks in their basements

You’d never notice us. Old friends. Aldus alumni. Goofy guys with fun projects in basements, labs, and odd spaces at home.

We’ve played poker together for about 23 years. And by poker I mean we get together every month. Sometimes the cards come out (though less and less over time). We talk and to the surprise of many, it ain’t about our wives. Our kids yes, wives no. We do gossip about software and high tech, especially here in Seattle.

And most importantly, for the last 20-some years, we’ve hiked and camped in the Cascades. Ultralight hiking. The Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier and now portions of The Pacific Crest Trail too. Magic times.

We’ve hung out long enough to see weddings and a funeral, kids coming and going. Job and career changes, and more.

Quite the bunch...