Download Free Sound Files

There are lots of different sounds here on JetCityOrange. On the left are links to the sound of crickets, waterfalls, waves, storms, and other sound files.

I also have sound files on SoundCloud too. Those tend to be “compositions” more than recorded sounds of waves, waterfalls, etc.

  MP3 file waterfall sounds   West Seattle waterfall : West Seattle waterfall : in my hood [4.57 MB]

  MP3 file waterfall sounds   Schmitz Park waterfall : near my house [2.75 MB]

  MP3 file sound of a waterfall   Fauntleroy Creek : a favorite place of mine [2.75 MB]

  MP3 file sound of a waterfall   Waterfall : Devil's Campground, Mt. Rainier 728.2008 [4.58 MB]

  crying baby MP3   baby crying  my granddaughter Lauren

  burp MP3   a burp  mine

Here are samples of white noise, pink noise, and brown noise, as well as additional color noises:

  burp MP3   blue noise   burp MP3   violet noise   burp MP3   grey noise

Listen to even more sound files...

That Middle Path by JetCityOrange