smart car faq

Whadda ya got?
I own a 2008 ForTwo Passion Coupe. Black on black with black interior.

Isn’t it awfully small?
My Smart Car meets the Fremont TrollNo, not at all. The Smart Car is made to be a two seater. Only a two seater. The Smart Car is surprisingly roomy and comfortable when you sit in it.

I love putting people in behind the wheel. (A little secret: I always put the seat all the way back. It surprises folks when they have to move the seat forward!)

Do you feel safe in it?
Absolutely. Read about the Smart Car’s crash test results. The Smart Car is built around a safety cage and has four airbags. Before you say anything, if any car hits a semi on the freeway, the truck’s going to win. Don’t fool yourself.

How fast does it go?
Top speed is said to be 90 mph. I can attest to the fact that 91 is not the top speed. It’ll be worth the ticket especially if I capture it on video.

Is it electric/biodiesel/hamsters?
No, it burns gas. Just less of it. The Smart Car is not a muscle car; it’s a right-sized two person vehicle. My goal is the lowest possible fuel consumption. I get 40 mpg.

What’s under the hood?
Nothing. The engine’s in the back under the storeage area. My car has a 1 liter 61 cu inch three in-line cylinder aluminium block 71 hp engine good for 70 hp @ 5800 rpms max. torque 68 lb ft @ 4500. Automated manual five-speed transmission with paddle shifting. Yeah, I tried paddle shifting but why bother? The automatic transmission is works like a charm. 0-60? 12.8 sec.

I dunno. It’s too small for me.
groceries in my Smart CarWe’ve already established that the Smart Car fits two full-size adults comfortably. And enough room for luggage as well.

Need to carry things? It’s not my only car and I don’t expect to take it when I need plywood & 2x4s or picking up two people at the airport with a week’s worth of luggage. But how about a round of errands including herbs and a planter from the nursery, three bags of groceries from the food coop and two 12-packs of beer? All stashed behind us with room to spare. AND you’ll notice that the stuff doesn’t obscure my view at all. Long weekend for two? Room to spare.

Sorry but I have to ask. How much did it cost?
I bought 2008 Passion Coupe with pretty much everything (stereo, heated seats, various warranties, etc.) but with LoJack not the alarm. Total delivered: $19K

What’s it like to drive?
It’s a blast! It keeps up with traffic on the freeway, passes with ease, and handles like a dream. Parking? It’s almost too easy. Before you ask, no, it doesn’t really park perpendicular to other cars. It’s not that small. I’ve tried.

I’ve done two road trips to The Bay and back from Seattle. It was great fun. Mt. Shasta was no problem with two of us in the car.

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