Silent Ringtone

The Silent Ringtone is exactly that: a silent ringtone. When your phone ringsyou won’t hear it.

Most cell phones have a silent mode or a quiet mode with or without vibration. Your phone may not let you assign “no ringtone” to a contact. Simply assign this silent ringtone to however you want in your contact list.

What you really need is a ringtone without a sound, a true silent mode. As in, “Mute my boss but let my sweetheart ring loud and clear!”

 silent ringtone download wav Silent Ringtone 10 second WAV

 silent ringtone download mp3 Silent Ringtone 10 second MP3

 silent ringtone download wav Silent Ringtone 1 second WAV

 silent ringtone download mp3 Silent Ringtone 1 second MP3

Your phone may offer a silent mode but sometimes you may find a true silent ringtone useful.

Download the Silent Ringtone directly to your cell phone. Or you can download the MP3 or WAV file to your computer and move it to your cell phone from there. The exact procedure is specific to each phone. WAV files have better sound quality compared to MP3 but what difference does it make if the sound is “silence”.

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