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BuddhaI meditate. I'm not the world's best but I try. I'm still learning.

Meditating is easy and it’s hard. The basic instructions (sit, breath, relax) are straightforward enough. The key? Practice, practice, practice. Try to sit on a regular basis every day.

Make meditation part of your daily routine. Pick a time. It isn't a competition. No one is keeping score. If you play, you win. Just sit and breath. Make it a habit.

Download free meditation MP3 files:

natural sounds for simple relaxation

guided meditations that talk you through

binaural beats that evoke specific brainwaves

meditation timers of varying intervals

We live in our heads too much. We need to stop, relax, breathe. Now repeat. Like anything in life, it takes practice.

At first I wanted to relax and focus inwards, shutting out the outside world. Brown Inside is a binaural beat based on brown noise, which I like better than white noise or pink noise.     Brown 10 Inside (9.1 MB)

I find that meditating isn't just sitting around with your eyes closed doing nothing. I started to meditate as a stress reliever and as part of a plan to lower my blood pressure. Once I learned the Relaxation Respone and experienced meditation, life events lead me to Buddhism. Meditation is integral to Buddhism but it can be practiced religion-free for relaxation, stress relief, to regulate sleep, emotional balance, and overal grooviness.

For more information, please read some of these meditation books. Buy them or visit your local library.

I truly believe that if more of us meditated the world would be better place. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself. Thanks and good luck to us all on our paths.

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