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The Endless Knot is a symbolic knot used in Tibetan Buddhist art. The Endless Knot is an intertwined knot without beginning or end, symbolizing Buddha’s wisdom and infinite compassion.

The Endless Knot is also found in Mongolia and other parts of the Himilayas. The Endless Knot is known as dpal be'u in Tibetan and shrivatsa in Sanskrit. Other names for it include the Tibetan Knot, the Mystic Dragon, the Knot of Eternity, and the Lucky Diagram.

The Endless Knot is one of the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols, known collectively in as Sanskrit as Ashtamangala. The other seven symbols are a lotus flower, two golden fish, a parasol, a treasure vase, a conch shell, victory banner, and eight spoked wheel.

Endless Knot sign in Seattle

While the form pictured from Tibet, various Celtic knots are interlocking and bear a striking resemblence to the Endless Knot. Symmetrical knots that tie into themselves without beginning or end possessing a certain harmonic grace and elegance.

In fact, the Endless Knot has migrated and the arguement can be made that it’s now a shared cultural meme. It gets used in non-religious contexts and finds itself incorporated into larger works.

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