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Syrian Govt Infects Opposition's Phones With Malware
  Nixon would be proud.

FBI Returns May First/People Link Server They Seized
  The FBI taketh and the FBI giveth back. All captured on video!

Site Reveals Skype Caller’s IP address
  Don’t tell me you trusted Skype to protect your identity.

NSA, Bluffdale, and AES
  Just what will the NSA do with the data center they’re building in Bluffdale UT? AES cracking???

Pipeline to the FBI
  Pipeline to the FBI: National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance. Don't know them? You should!

NSA Listening Spots
  Where No Such Agency taps into data and voice lines.

SSL & TSL Are Busted (sorta)
  Don't let the BEAST get ya!

Conficker Spread For 2 Dumb Reasons
  Two words: updates and passwords.

Iran Oil Industry Hit With Cyberattack
  Computers taken offline, production halted. Who do you think did it???

The NSA is not your friend (duh)
  Read all 4 sections. If this doesn’t put the fear of God in you, you ain’t wired right.

566,000 Mac's still activey infected
  Flashback. It’s like herpes for the Macintosh. It just won’t go away...

Collusion for Chrome
  Run this exciting Chrome add-on to see who's tracking you online in real time. Great UI!

Your TV Will Be Hacked
  As TV's become computers connected to the internet, they too will be compromised.

When Do You Trust Your Enemy?
  So "enemies" decide to hold cooperative war games. Would you trust your opponent in a situation like this? Really...?

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