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2012 calendar soupHere are this year’s free calendars from JetCityOrange. This year I’ve done 3 calendars you can download and print out.

Right-click each thumbnail to download that PDF file. Take one, take them all. Share them with your friends via Twitter and Facebook.

This annual tradition starting out with me giving calendars through Azalea Software, my barcode & mobile software company. We used to print a couple hundred and mail them friends, family, and business associates. Along came The Depression and we couldn’t afford the cost. Not wanting to abandon our long standing tradition, we switched to giving away calendars in PDF format.

Looking for a 2013 calendar?

2012 calendar psychic barberMy calendars include visual puns, easter eggs, and our birthdays. Nope, we’re not shy. Miranda and I always put our birthdays among the holidays. (This means you have no excuse for missing 3/1 and 12/12 respectively.)

The calendars are 8.5" x 11" and the photos are high resolution JPGs. Use the photo settings on your inkjet printer. Full bleeds that go edge to edge can be printed without a white border on many Epson inkjet printers. In the Printing Preferences dialog box, click the Advanced button. You can select Borderless if you choose the certain paper types, even it isn’t the paper you’re using. Simply click through the nusance dialog box.

2012 calendar ivy stairs

2012 calendar cairn

Don’t forget, 2012 is a leap year. Find more free 2012 calendars from both foneFrame and Azalea Software. Don’t forget to try the links in the PDFs themselves as well as scanning the QR barcodes.

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