buddha machine

Buddha Machine by FM3When I saw the name “Buddha Machine Music Box” written on a piece of paper at Wall of Sound, Jeffrey took me to the back and pointed to a picture on the wall.

A quick Google search which led me to FM3. I had to have one. My first Buddha Machine was orange. But being the minimalist I am, I wanted a white one too. So I bought one.

I gave one of them away but by then the second geneation Buddha Machines came out and I snagged a purple one. Oddly I don’t use it.

The original Buddha Machines contain nine sound loops. The second one is my favorite.

Lisa says Buddha Machines remind her of an old school transistor radio. I call it the ultimate anti-iPod.

Read an interview with Christiaan Virant and this article about the making of the Buddha Machine. this article has pictures of both and more background material. Don’t forget Buddha Machine dot com.

Buddha Machines are hardware loop players much like the Buddhist chant boxes sold by Buddhist temples throughout Asia. I’ve colleceted several of them too (big surprise).

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