Binaural Tones MP3 Files

Binaural tones occur when we hear two different frequencies, one in each ear. The binaural tone is the difference between the two frequencies. Suppose you hear a 320Hz tone in your left ear and a 300Hz tone in your right ear. You’ll hear a 20Hz binaural beat (320 - 300 = 20).

We all know there is no 20Hz tone but we hear one as the binaural beat. This works only if you’re using headphones not speakers. Only headphones give you the separation between the right and left channels needed to hear binaural tones.

Binaural tones increase specific brainwave patterns. Listening to a specific binaural tone causes our brain to mimic the frequencies of the binaural tone. If you want to increase your alpha brainwaves listen to a binaural tone between 8-12 Hz,, the alpha brainwave frequency.

Download any of these free binaural tone MP3’s by right-clicking on the file name. Select the binaural tone that matches the brainwave pattern you’s want. The binaural tones come in 10, 15, or 20 minute versions.

Free Binaural Beat MP3 Files

Listen to these free binaural beat MP3 files online or download & save them to your computer, tablet or phone. Select the binaural beat based on the brainwave pattern you’d like to enhance. Headphones are a must.