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about Jerry Whiting

So who is this guy? Cleveland born, raised in Shaker Heights, I now call Seattle home. Ghoulardi loomed large in my childhood as did Captain Penny & Mr. Jingeling. Onaway, Woodbury, Shaker class of 72. I was the kid who integrated my elementary school in 1961.

Ann Arbor back in the day (74-79) then Boston to study acupuncture at NESA. I moved to Seattle 30 years ago obstensibly to relocate my practice. One thing led to another, I never picked needles up again, and I landed at Aldus during The Golden Age of PageMaker. I learned PostScript from Adobe engineers, applied my newfound knowledge to barcode fonts (don’t ask), and founded Azalea Software on my kitchen table in a classic case of midnight engineering. Believe it or not, I sold Azalea to Miranda June of 2013 and work for her PT now.

I’m the proud Dad of three fine young men plus my wife Lisa’s two kids. Did I mention our four grandkids? My big fat blended family! I’m a proud 728 Club member. Carmel and Elmer’s oldest son. Some know me as “the old Deadhead”. (Your point being…?)

My laugh often precedes me. Once you hear it you’ll never forget it. I use it often. Riding a bike makes me feel 12 again. Soy chai more often than coffee, beer over wine. I’ve never met an IPA I didn’t like. Fin’n’feather, no mammels since 1971. Android against my ear. Apple just ain’t my thaing.

Dogs over cats, pie over cake, Ginger before Mary Ann (but ideally both). Unapologetic Leftist, proud #Occupier, wardrobe by Dobbie Gillis. Sag Sun, Pisces Moon, Taurus rising, Uranus & south node conjunct on my 4th house cusp.

Vajrayana, Geluk lineage. A householder having taken refuge in The Three Jewels, trying hard to live by the 5 Precepts, striving to live up to my Bodhisattva vows. I’m never happier than when I’m with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And it’s hard not to cry when I am.

Oh, and I mark my socks too. Have for years.

I do JetCityOrange for highly personal reasons. I do it because I want to. I do it because I can. I hope you enjoy it. Look for “JetCityOrange” anywhere online and it’ll be me: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, everywhere. None of the above begins to describe me. Yet all of it’s true.

Stories? I gotta million of ’em. (and I’m still making ’em as I go.)

Elmer J Whiting Jr. & Elmer J. Whiting III, circa 1982
father & son

Jerry, Michael, Bryan, Coleman
father & sons

Healthcare is a right not a privelage. All power to the people. Live a life full of compassion. Om mani padme hum.