cloning marijuana plants

how to clone your own mmj at home no fuss, no muss

There are two ways to propagate marijuana: grow plants from seed or clone an existing plant. One doesn’t encounter seeds like the old days and even if you did, half the seedlings would be males. Cloning creates an exact copy.

Cloning MMJ is pretty straightforward. Jiffy pellets, a new razor blade, and rooting compound are all you need. (Clonex)

Use a healthy female plant. Before you do anything, spend some time looking at your plant. Study its structure, leaf pattern, and overall shape.

Make your cuts with a new razor blade sterilized with rubbing alcohol. Keep a small pair of sterilzed scissors handy to trim and clean up at the same time.

Locate the nodes, where leaves connect to the main stem. Cut at a 45 degree angle just above a growth node. You want 3-4 sets of leaves on your cutting but sometimes 2 or 3 is all you can take. Cuttings lower on the plant root easier but there’s often vigor in young growth near the top. Do both.

Work quickly so the plant tissue doesn’t harden. If you can a number of cuttings from a big mother plant put them in an glass of water as you cut. Cut a slit in the bottom of the stem, dip it in the growth hormone, and then directly into a wet jiffy pellet. Pinch the pellet to make sure the stem is securely rooted.

Everybody gets misted, placed under lights 24/0, under a clear hood. Recycling a large plastic container salad came in works. Keep it warm, moist, under not-too-bright light. CFL bulbs are efficient don’t generate a lot of heat because they use very little electricity. Either 2700 Kelvin & 6500 Kelvin will work. Using both is best.

After 4 or 5 days start weaning the plants, taking the hood off for longer periods every day, nudging the light a little closer, less misting, and switching the timer to 18/6 day/night schedule. The cuttings may look a little ragged as they grow roots in search of water and nutrients. That’s OK.

Watch for roots sticking out of the jiffy pellet. Pop them into paper cups of organic potting soil and let the new roots transition to soil. In 5 to 7 days they’ll be root bound in the paper cup and ready to be transplanted into your final container.

The above time intervals are fluid and loose. Each strain is slightly different. Your growing conditions are unique. Cloning is not that hard. Take multiple cuttings from a fleshed out, bushy, mature mother plant and you’re bound to have success with some of them. Good luck!

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