i-502 legalizes marijuana in wa!

the end of prohibition

Marijuana is finally legal Washington because the voters passed I-502 on Election Day 2012. You can read the full text here. Medical marijuana was legalized in 1998 (69.51A RCW). Before that, Seattle voters passed Initiative 75 in 2003 which directed the police to make simple possession their absolute lowest priority, de facto decriminalization

Summary: as of Dec 6, 2012 possession of an ounce or less is legal for adults over 21. Within a year the Dept. of Liquor Control will regulate and tax the growing, processing, and selling of recreational marijuana. I-502 leaves the current medical marijuana infrastructure intact. The new I-502 for stoners and the existing 69.51A RCW for patients, the best of both worlds!

The Liquor Control Board is responsible registering growers, producers, and retailers not to mention collect a hefty 25% tax within a year. I’m sure Monsanto, Anhueser-Busch, RJ Reynolds, and other mega-corporations are licking their lips. (Get ready for a rude awakening guys; folks here in the NW buy local organic fair trade birdsong-friendly boutique neigborhood Mom & Pop et al.

With the passage of I-502 in The Evergreen State and Amendment 64 in Colorado, the end of Prohibition has begun. Not one but two shots have been fired across the Feds’ bow. Like Obama said on TV: the Feds have bigger fish to fry.

Legalizing marijuana can be the ultimate weapon against the drug cartels. As long as legal pot is cheaper than bootleg reefer, market forces will drive the gangs out or at least marginalize them to the sidelines.

With Seattle the new Amsterdam, the 2012 elections gave Washington two new tourist attractions: gay marriage and cannabis. Either way, visitors will leave their vacation dollars behind.

There’s no putting the toothpaste back in the tube now. The race is on...

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