Let’s get started, shall we?

JetCityOrange is something I share with the world. My interests are as varied as the pages in this site. From technology to spirituality, food, cannabis, and odd bits of trivia. It’s all here.

Over the years, JetCityOrange has changed, as have I. Originally a place to share my photographs, it grew as I published more and more quirky content.

I live in Seattle and work part-time in tech (like everyone else in town). Originally a midwesterner, here by way of Boston. More? Read the FAQ.

What is this place? Where am I?

At my age, I get to do what I damn well please. Well, most of the time. No focus groups, no endless committee meetings. I put what I want on my site. You’re encouraged to stay and play but if you leave, I promise if you leave I won’t lose any sleep over it. Deal?

Like Clyde says: All Jerry, all the time.