Welcome to My World

My own special corner of the universe

I’ve had JetCityOrange for years and believe me it changes all the time. It’s as eclectic and idiosyncratic as I am. Take my fascination with funny and odd signs as but one small example.

Yes, I’m a Cleveland kid at heart but fortunately I escaped long ago. Seattle has been home for 30+ years by way of Boston and Ann Arbor before that. Nerdy, geeky guy now in the cannabis industry. But that’s another story altogether.

If you take a look around (and I hope you do) you’ll find everything from beer to chai, various sounds of nature, the Black Panther Party, as well as plain ol’ random sh*t. While you might not like or agree with everything up here but it’s all family friendly.

#TheArtOfProtest 45 has spawned a wide range of protests and initiatives. I believe that The Orange Haired One will inspire a whole new genertion of artits: hip hop to punk, spoken word to visual arts. I see political art in our immediate future.

Given that despots like him thrive on lists (enemies, friends of enemies, friends of my enemies, et al.) it’s best to lie low and avoid getting on anyone’s list. Given the propensity for No Such Agency to wiretap, monitor, store and generally invade our lives now is the time to use Signal to communicate if you don’t already. Why? Because the NSA hates it, that’s why!

Poke around, see what’s here and above all have fun. Set a bookmark cuz stuff comes and goes.